WSJ on Immigration

I was happy to see the Wall Street Journal come forward with an editorial favoring open immigration (this one is in their non-subscription area).  I am even happier to see that they lead with the issue of fundamental human rights, not with the weak argument of who is to pick the lettuce.

own view is that a philosophy of "free markets and free people"
includes flexible labor markets. At a fundamental level, this is a
matter of freedom and human dignity. These migrants are freely
contracting for their labor, which is a basic human right. Far from
selling their labor "cheap," they are traveling to the U.S. to sell it
more dearly and improve their lives. Like millions of Americans before
them, they and certainly their children climb the economic ladder as
their skills and education increase.

realize that critics are not inventing the manifold problems that can
arise from illegal immigration: Trespassing, violent crime, overcrowded
hospital emergency rooms, document counterfeiting, human smuggling,
corpses in the Arizona desert, and a sense that the government has lost
control of the border. But all of these result, ultimately, from too
many immigrants chasing too few U.S. visas.

migrating here to make a better life for themselves and their families
would much prefer to come legally. Give them more legal ways to enter
the country, and we are likely to reduce illegal immigration far more
effectively than any physical barrier along the Rio Grande ever could.
This is not about rewarding bad behavior. It's about bringing
immigration policy in line with economic and human reality. And the
reality is that the U.S. has a growing demand for workers, while Mexico
has both a large supply of such workers and too few jobs at home.

The WSJ argues that polls show that most conservatives are similar-minded.  I'm am not a conservative and don't speak for them, but from the flavor of my email on my pro-immigration posts and from reading various conservative blogs, I have trouble believing it.

I have a number of posts on immigration, but you should start with this one.


  1. Sean:

    Nice to see a proper arguement for open immigration for a change. Conservatives typically only pretend to support free trade. About time somebody got it right. I'm not optimistic it will change any minds, however. Too risky politically.

  2. JohnDewey:

    I know a number of quiet conservatives here in Texas who are pro-immigration. They generally favor a guest worker program. They have told me that immigrants are doing jobs citizens will not do.

    People who post on conservative blogs are not likely to be quiet conservatives.

    This issue has definitely divided the Republican Party. The division has been evident for years. Our party leaders in Washington have failed us on this one.

  3. Matt:

    Most conservatives who are in favor of more open immigration policies aren't passionate about it. Even if they're not closeted, it just isn't the big issue that raises the fire in their bellies.

    On the other hand, a lot of conservatives who are against immigration are fanatical to (and sometimes well beyond) the border of sheer lunacy on the subject. Hence, if you judge by the tenor of conservative commentary on the subject, "conservative" is a synonym for "throw all those dang brown people out and line the borders with mines".

    But in a poll (or an election) the passionate activist being quizzed on the single issue that animates his entire existence gets the same one and only one vote that the guy who has an opinion but doesn't care about it that much, and is certainly open to reason about the subject gets.

  4. TC:

    OPEN immigration?

    WTF is that about? Really?

    I care not the number of folks that legeally enter our country witha desire to become a citizen and SUPPORT out govt and pay taxes and such.

    But Phuk the 12 mill or so that have committed a federal offence and are such criminals within our midst and such on the hind teet of the cash cow they percieve america to be.

    I'm a busiess person also, and also work in the hospitality world. But I know that it's gonna cost me $6@hr to get anybody to actually do such work! $8 if they have any real talent!

    If my guests can't communicate with a guest? I also know that that guest will not be returning and will speak in a negetive tone about my establishment!

    Speak english! Such is first and formost, because if you can't communicate with the boss?, You aint gonna have a job! I speak only english, if you clan together and speak a language in my presense? Chances are that you will be dismissed!

    I refuse to hand over my biz to some "sub contractor" as well! I am the only one that really cares about it, I will make the decisions about who will work there and who will not.

    OPEN immigration? Phuk that chit!

    How about forcing our congress to obey the constitition which they SWORE they would do when they took office?

    Something that seems way outta their league to manage!

    And we trust decisions that actually matter to such a bunch?

    We need a full flush in washington! The sooner the better. TERM Limits should lead the way. Two is enuff for any elected position in the country!

    And not attorneys can participate without first handing in their BAR. If they make it fine, then they become a legislator, if not? Then they can go retake the BAR exaime in all states that they may hold such.

    Oh and I'm learning of some other positions within our congres that seem to need protection as well. If any member of congress has any interest in land holdings, they can't be on certain commmitties! Seems in CA we have a couple that have made additional millions steering pet projects through the committies they sit upon.

    I've seen ducks.

    I've seen ducks swim.

    I know what a duck is!

    The same can be said for the thieving arse wipes most of our congress is made up of as well! They are nothing but dumb ducks!

  5. Eric H:

    The WSJ editorial staff? That's sure going to make it hard for Bill O'Reilly and co. to continue to sell the idea that only leftists like Ted Kennedy favor open immigration.

    TC - you should learn to write English if you are going to demand that people speak it.

  6. Cynthia:

    Tim, learn to spell will you? You are an embarrassment, claiming that you own a business, yet you do not know basic English.

    Which American are you getting to work in a hotel for six bucks an hour? lol that is a real good one.