Some Shows You May Have Never Seen

One of the great things about working for myself is that when I have a lot of boring tasks, like arranging my new office or filling out sales tax reports, I can watch a movie and get away with it.  Over the last few weeks I have watched three movies or shows you may have never heard of but I thought were great:

  1. Firefly.  Probably the best known of the three, this canceled series is a libertarian favorite. 
  2. Wonderfalls.  Only lasted 4 episodes on Fox, but 13 were in the can when it was canceled.  I bought it solely based on the unbelievable Amazon reviews.  I am on episode 5 and its is great so far.
  3. Interstate 60:  A movie I completely missed when it was in theaters, it was a lot of fun.  Had some of my favorite characters I have seen in a movie in a long time.


  1. asg:

    If you like Wonderfalls you'll probably like "Dead Like Me", a series that had two seasons on Showtime. Bryan Fuller created both.

  2. Chris:

    Firefly and Wonderfalls are from the same producer, he has a show coming out (on Fox) soon called Drive I think.

  3. Jonathan Wilde:

    Tim Minear was the executive producer of Wonderfalls and was likely the libertarian drive behind Firefly. He was also the creative force behind Angel and is planning a movie version of _The Moon is a Harsh Mistress_.

    Wonderfalls only gets better after the first few episodes. Episodes 2 and 3 were IMO the worst of the bunch, and perhaps if they had been better, cancellation would have been postponed a few more weeks, but with Fox's history, I doubt it. The nice thing about Wonderfalls is that, with the expectant cancellation, the writers planned and finished the story arc. There is closure to Wonderfalls that is missing from Firefly.

    Dead Like Me is essentially Wonderfalls, except the main character is dead.

    Shameless plug for Firefly blogging:

  4. Matt Lauzon:

    Great blog here! I am happy to have found it.

    Those are some great choices. It is funny seeing your post, as I was speaking about the same thing with one of my partners yesterday. We were also discussing the great books we have picked up.

    Great movie I just saw - Squid and the Whale. It is humor everyone can appreciate in one wierd way or another.

  5. Bret V:

    Firefly was an excellent show...great libertarian premise...I'm responsible for me and mine...people still helped each other out because it was in their interest to do so...

    what were people's thoughts on V for Vendetta? I thought that was one of the most relevant movies I've seen in the last 6 years.