I hate having to moderate comments.  Yesterday I had a ton of comments on my immigration plan post and we could have had a really good conversation going except I was out of the office and did not moderate the comments through until today.  Unfortunately, in the same time-frame I got 12 spam comments and 145 spam trackbacks from mp3 and pr0n and other sites trying to piggy-back on my Google ranking.  Sorry again for the delay in getting comments approved.  As always, I only moderate contents for spam - anything on topic, no matter how poorly written or how much it expresses dislike for yours truly, goes through.


  1. Matthew:

    You might want to look into spam plugins for typepad.

  2. Max Lybbert:

    Thanks for the comment Matthew. I honestly did not know spam plugins existed for blogs (I knew about spam filters for email, but not blogs).

    I've been readin up on a "new" tool that's very similar to a programming language (the CRM Discriminator at http://crm114.sourceforge.net/ ), and I've known there's a lot of power in there, but I was having a hard time thinking of what kind of power.

    I don't know why, but blog comment issues never crossed my mind. Using it to filter RSS data from the sites that sometimes send me gems, but not always *did* cross my mind, but not something more simple, like blog comments.

  3. Matthew:

    I'm not familiar with the typepad system so they might not have spam plugins. Blogger probably doesn't because it's hosted. WordPress is completely customizable so you can get literally dozens of spam plugins. But i don't know anything about typepad.

  4. Michael Ewens:

    I would recommend installing WordPress. You can import all your Typepad entries and basically eliminate all comment and trackback spam. I have installed over a dozen WordPress blogs and would be willing to help you with yours. Consider it my donation to the site that I read all the time.