Some Updates, and an Appology

I have been stuck in rural Colorado a few days, my stay extended by a pretty good spring snowstorm up in the high country.  I was visiting our new Colorado marina.  Finally getting to the airport, I found a backlog of unapproved comments, which I have passed through in mass.  Sorry for the delay, but blame spam-bots.  I hate having to approve comments to filter spam as much as you must hate the delay in seing your comments appear.

The other day in this post I, for the first and last time, wrote that my commenters needed to educate themselves.  I knew this was a stupid thing to write, leading with my chin, as it were.  I have posted all kinds of dumb stuff, and a number of things that I have been informed were outright errors (see the update to that same post, for example).  My commenters are great and often more knowlegeable than I am, so it was a dumb tone to adopt.  My only excuse is that I had about 5 emails in a row that confused the trade deficit with the federal budget deficit and the national debt, and I was ready to scream. 

I'm sorry.