New Year's Resolution

I think I will just repeat last year's, courtesy of Ayn Rand:

I swear--by my life and my love of it--that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.

only exception to this is my immediate family, which is really not an
exception - I think the very definition of family is those people you
move under the umbrella of your own self, to join you as part of your

Happy New Year!


  1. Mark:

    No need to qualify your resolution by justifying the inclusion of your family. By definition, they already fit. Remember: you live your life according to the values that you've established for yourself; your commitment to those values is what makes you a rationally selfish person. Obviously, you value your family, and so in living for them you are living for yourself.

  2. Bridget:

    Yea! Love it.

    Have a great year, Coyote.