Dumb Laws

Radley Balko seems to be going state by state, listing recent stupid legislation.  Keep scrolling.  Some examples:

  • Introduced by Sen. Jerry P. Rhoads on January 6,
    2006, to designate the portrait of Daniel Boone entitled "Gateway to
    the West," by Kentucky native David Wright, as the official portrait of
    Daniel Boone.
  • Introduced by Rep. Mitchel B Denham, Jr on January
    3, 2006, to exempt from sales and use tax straw, wood shavings, and
    sawdust used in agricultural or equine pursuits.  (this is from Kentucky, which happens to be the state that required me to have a license to retail eggs).
  • Remote control toy boats may soon be required to
    obey the same speed limits as lifesize watercraft. Bonus points to the
    lawmaker who introduced this one for invoking "the children" in urging
    its enactment.
  • Rep. Richard Morris of Seabrook wants to require elementary schools to teach proverbs.