Proud Holder of a Kentucky Egg Liscence

One of the eye-opening experiences of being a small business person is finding all the licenses you need - sales tax license, witholding license, unemployment, occupancy, food handling, alcohol, tobacco, prescription drug sales, etc etc.  This gets multiplied for us since we are in 10 states.

This week I got my new favorite:  My Kentucky Retail License to Handle Eggs.

I was afraid that there might be some special training that went with this - something like walking a hundred yards with an egg on a spoon without dropping it - but fortunately all they wanted was our name and $5.  Note that there is a $100 a day fine for selling eggs without a liscence in KY, so beware all you black market egg purveyers.


  1. steve:

    i've got 40 dozen fresh yard eggs for sale. your price would be 6.00 per doz. shipping would about 38.00 per doz. interested?

  2. Sac Bee Watch:


    I thought that California was reigning champ of maintaining useless government programs by having, among many others, a Board of Barbering and Cosmotology. Turns out that Kentucky is giving us a run for the money.

  3. mary c:

    I read somewhere on the internet, lost the site, that you had to sell 60 Dozen eggs with in 1 week in order to have to have a liscence. E-mail me back, I will do more research on this.

  4. Lance Murray:

    I just google mapped it and "drove" down your street. You NEED a shotgun out there. With permits. Otherwise all of us city slickers are gonna' come and "harvest" your eggs, pardnur! Yeee ha!

  5. Lance Murray:

    You're scalping on them there eggs, Jeb. Costco gots' ya' beat by a fur piece. Nah, they ain't no "fresh yard eggs," but our kin-folk ain't the napkin tuckin' kind anyhow. Hell, we gots 4 chickens and gets about a dozen a week outch' here in the city. Dogs eat the left overs if-n we ain't fast enough to pick em' up. And them's good eatin'. But what da' hail? Alls we do is puts em our pancake mix, and fries up 3 or 4 with breakfast.

    Gonna' have dat der' "heart cat" that my doctor wants me that have someday...

  6. Lance Murray:

    Cosmotology and Barbering needed controls because of so many "laymen" declaring that they could do it. You can burn skin and scalp, and really f people up if you don't know what you're doing. But of course, you don't need them in little cities that aren't overrun with minorities taking liberties with our basic rights. There. Went racist...with good reason.