My First Wikipedia Post

I find I link to Wikipedia a lot for explanations of terms I use that people may not be familiar with (the most recent being "badger game" in this post).  So, to return the favor of all those who have written the Wikipedia, I wrote my contribution, adding an entry on Workamping.  It required about an hours worth of time invested learning their formatting commands and best practices, but it turned out to be pretty easy.  It was kind of interesting to see the other niche areas I have knowledge about but for which there are no articles yet.  I am currently adding and editing content for model railroading.


  1. Matthew Brown:

    Welcome to editing Wikipedia! I hope you enjoy the place as a contributor as much as you enjoy using it as a reference. I've been there for a couple of years, am now an administrator (not much of a privilege; it mostly means being given the metaphorical mop and broom and told 'Congratulations! You're the janitor!') - I'm User:Morven on there. Feel free to send me a message if you get confused about anything editing-wise, either on the site or in email.

    The FAQ and help pages are reasonably good, though they sometimes lag a bit behind new developments.

  2. Matthew Brown:

    Oh, and the model railroading topics really need some work, so there's plenty to get stuck into there. I've done some, as have a few others, but it's rather poor. Full-size railroading is better covered, but a bit patchy.

  3. Linda-Camping Tips:

    Congratulations on your wikipedia posts- I had a laugh because the first time I discovered wikipedia I was ADDICTED! I was also shocked at much I "knew".