Lawyers Revive the Badger Game

I missed this story the first time around, but apparently a husband and wife team of lawyers has revived the old badger game, but in a more modern form:

According to a story in the San Antonio Express-News,
husband-and-wife legal partners Ted H. and Mary Schorlemer Roberts received
money in a curious sequence of events. Mary, claiming to seek "no strings"
discreet encounters, would seduce men over an Internet dating service. Ted would
then write the men (in legal documents sometimes typed by Mary) and notify them
that he planned to seek intrusive and public civil discovery to investigate
whether the affair brought forward potential causes of action that were flimsy
at best; the men would pay tens of thousands of dollars for a release and
confidentiality agreement.

Read the full Overlawyered update:  it is fascinating to see just where watchdogs set the ethical bar for lawyers (hint: its really low).  Apparently the Bar Association can't decide if they think this behavior by the Roberts is unethical.  Currently the the attorney who blew the whistle on this scam is being investigated, but the scammers themselves are not under investigation.