No Water

My disdain for the local news media got me in a little trouble today.  Apparently, something happened to the local Phoenix water system such that they had to declare the water contaminated in some way.  Everyone was told not to drink or take showers, and many restaurants closed.  I totally missed this for most of the day (what does it say about me that I notice Internet outages within 5 minutes but it takes all day to figure out we have no water). 

The media is not giving many details, but apparently drinking water supplies were contaminated by storm runoff.  Two of my doctor friends were more specific- they said that the rumor around the hospitals was that "human remains" had been found in the water systems.  Yum.

Fortunately, we have plenty of bottled water around the house.  I usually laugh at people's perceptions of bottled water -- I bet if you asked most people, they would say the water came from some spring or glacier runoff or whatever.  The fact is that most bottled water comes right from the tap.  I almost bought a water company here in Phoenix that sells most of the private label water to local supermarkets, and I know for a fact they just filter and bottle good old Phoenix tap water.  Anyway, I am happy to have the bottled water today.