Free Speech is for Idiots Too

Support for free speech is generally tested at the margins -- everyone supports free speech for themselves, but the real challenge is to support free speech for your enemies.  It is for this reason that I force myself not to get worked up about the American Nazi party adopting a highway in Oregon.  LGF is wrong in this post to cheer the illegal removal of this sign.  And a state government cannot be put in the position of screening out groups eligibility based on their political views - where would it stop?

Besides, since Nazis unfortunately don't seem to be going away, what better use for them than cleaning litter off of highways?


The next step on the slippery slope.


  1. The Zero Boss:

    This isn't "free speech". The government is renting out these signs, and it's appropriate for the government not to lend credence to an ideology bent on destroying America. American Nazis are still free to use private property to promulgate hate.

    What if al-Qaeda wanted to rent space? Would you call that a "free speech" issue?

  2. KurtP:

    My question is -are they leaving the WHITE TRASH behind, and only "taking care" of the colored?