You Get a Lipstick, I get $24 Million

From Overlawyered:  Another lawsuit where customers get the coupon, and lawyers get the cash.  I would love to see the use rate on the coupons out of these suits. I have gotten a few for like $1.24 off something that I threw away.  I mean, in several cases, the company was offering better coupons in the Sunday circular.

Though I thought it was kind of silly at first, I am coming around to supporting legislation that attorneys should get paid in the same currency as customers.

Also from Overlawyered is this good news about courts finally taking legal action against people who file fraudulent suits and claims:

A Fayette minister and a teacher are going to prison for their role in submitting phony Fen-Phen drug settlement claims in Jefferson County

Good, though we might have to have a massive amnesty in Mississippi or half the state could end up in jail.