Umm, Yes, It is Cheating

Last night I watched the 20/20 Interview with Victor Conte, the man at the center of the BALCO steroids scandal.  I can't tell you how tired I got of hearing him say "if everyone else is doing it, it's not cheating."

Let me tell you Vic - it is cheating.  Cheating is breaking the rules.  We could actually have a pretty good discussion as to whether steroid use should be illegal, but the fact is that steroid use is currently banned in track and field (the main focus of the piece).  You knew it was banned, else you and the athletes would not have gone through so many hoops to hide what you were doing.  If everyone is breaking the rules, it is still cheating.  Go try to sell your point of view to Andy Fastow and his wife over in the Enron section of the federal pen.

Don't know why his lawyers put this guy on TV - he sure did not gain my sympathy.

By the way, I am still upset that everyone is so busy being titillated by this scandal that no one can spare any indignation for the press yet again putting a dagger in the grand jury process.