Bjorn Lomborg on Global Warming

OK, I am not trying to make this the global warming blog, so hopefully this will be it on the climate posts for a while, but Bjorn Lomborg, perhaps the most disliked scientist in the world for his critiques of many environmental arguments, makes the argument that global warming is a fact, but stopping it may be more expensive than it is worth.

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  1. NF:

    I agree that Kyoto is a bad idea. It was climate managment by beaucrats at war with each other, and is a bad model for any attempt to stop global warming. It would be best to start over froim square one and come up with international action that is implementaable and will have effects proportional to its cost.

    Jut off the top of my head, I think an idea worth looking into is to focus on developing relatively inexpensive, non-breeder applicable, and safe nuclear reactors, and focus on an international cooperation to have them built across the world. This accomplishes two goals. It will cut down on pollution from power plants, and will provide cheap electricity to billions of people in third-world countries in a capacity much greater than before, and incidentally decrease expenses of electricity consumption-heavy industries, such as aluminum production, which produces production materials for a lot of other industries. If this idea works, you'd have an anti-pollution initiative that helps industry.