Headed for Florida

Headed for our once every two years (is biennial twice a year or once every two years?) family reunion at Disney World.  Years and years ago, when we first started this tradition, Disney World was deserted on Thanksgiving week - no one wanted to be away from their families.  Now, its a total zoo and about the busiest week of the year.  Though I am a sucker for tradition, I am going to petition the family for a date change before the next one.

Every time I go to Disney World, I think of this exchange from National Lampoon's Thats Not Funny, Thats Sick:

(fake) Mr. Rodgers: "would you like to go to the magic kingdon?"

Stoned-out Bassist (Bill Murray): "no thanks man ... I gotta drive." 


  1. Bill:

    May I suggest that you join us there the week after Thanksgiving? The quietest week of the year, but still plenty of bustle.

  2. Coyote:

    Thanks Max, I thought that was the case, but I always get it confused. Kind of like bi-weekly and fortnightly.

    Bill, I have made exactly that proposal to my family.

  3. Max Lybbert:

    I have about a million words I can never keep straight -- such as psychologist and psychiatrist. I'm sure somebody out there can tell me the difference without having to first check a dictionary, but I'm also sure I could find a couple of words he has trouble with. If I could figure out why different people have trouble with different classes of words, perhaps I could write a paper about it.

    Then again, such a paper wouldn't have any real social value. Oh well.

  4. Max Lybbert:

    Then again, "biennial" is more likely to cause confusion among your readers. Perhaps I am too logically-minded to have noticed the sneaky way you got around that confusion by pretending to be confused yourself, and spelling things out.

    Oh well.