Slimy Mollusk Higher than a Crusty Crustacean?

Over the couple of months I have been blogging, I have been moving steadily up the TTLB Ecosystem.  Today, when I looked at the site, I thought that I had surely fallen a notch.  Yesterday I was a crusty crustacean, but today I am a slimy mollusc.  That felt like a drop, but, as it turns out, I actually moved up.  I guess squids are pretty cool, but my anti-mollusk bias probably comes from living in Seattle for a while and finding my patio covered in giant banana slugs.  Ugghh.


Now I am a lowly insect.  This is progress?

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  1. MaxedOutMama:

    I laughed, because I had exactly the same reaction. I have a hard time perceiving a slimy mollusc as further up the scale of evolution than a crunchy crustacean. But you are far more than either.