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Shoe on the Other Foot

From TJIC:

I can't condemn illegal aliens in the US, because, if the zappos were on el otro pie, I'd break the law in the second.

Eventually, we achnowleged that the "need to drink booze" was too powerful to prohibit.  My hope is that we will come to the same conclusion for the "desire to seek a better life."

Zappos is the Bomb (Plus Last Minute Gift Idea)

I'm not an affiliate, and I get no remuneration for plugging them, but I must say that is absolutely terrific if you are looking to buy any kind of clothes online.  Originally mainly a women's shoe and accessory store, now it sells all kinds of stuff.

Just as an example, my wife ordered some shoes the other day, and found them to be the wrong size.  She contacted them and got a shipping label for a free return.  Before we even got the box out the door to UPS, the replacement shoes in the correct size showed up at our house.

Guys, if you have not heard of Zappos, the odds are very high that your wife has.  In a feature that reminds me of the heyday of the bust, they are offering free shipping to arrive by Christmas for orders received before 1PST December 23.  That includes free shipping and overnight delivery of gift cards.