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Yeah, But....

From the AZ Republic, on the yet-again-revived public option:

Health-care legislation heading for the Senate floor will give millions of Americans the option of purchasing government-run insurance coverage, Majority Leader Harry Reid announced Monday, although he stopped short of claiming the 60 votes needed to pass a plan steeped in controversy.  Reid, D-Nev., said individual states would have the choice of opting out of the program. Details of how it would work were still sketchy, but states would get a year after the 2013 phase-in of the new health-care plan to decide whether to participate.

And federal taxes for citizens of opt-out states will be reduced, right?  No way.  This opt-out is a joke.  Its a bit like saying that every individual has the right to opt out of public education in favor of a private school.  Sure they do -- they don't have to attend the public school, but they have to pay for it anyway in their taxes.

Update: Sorry, the AZ Republic has made it almost freaking impossible to excerpt from their online articles without bringing over a load of cr*p code.