Thoughts on RBG

  • I found the immediate arguments about filling the Supreme Court vacancy literally seconds after the announcement of her death to be extremely distasteful.
  • I think the idea that she somehow betrayed her supporters by not retiring when a Democratic President was in office with a Senate majority is outrageous.  Court justices shouldn't be in the mode of actively managing the Court's ideological makeup.  That's a political process.  And yes, I say this despite the fact that I would not choose to have the Trump-McConnell axis filling the Court.
  • I know several young people who looked to her as a role model, which in the judiciary likely puts her in a Venn diagram circle of one person (unless someone is selling a set of 9th circuit trading cards that I have missed).
  • As with most libertarians, I liked some of her decisions and disagreed with others.  Of the latter, Kelo (in the majority) and Citizens United (in the minority, fortunately) stick most in my mind as betrayals of individual rights in the face of expanding government power.
  • I think people would be surprised (given the tone of media coverage of the Supreme Court) how many decisions are 9-0
  • The way we focus on the Supreme Court almost solely through the abortion lens is frustrating to me.  Can't we have a second Supreme Court, whose job is just to twiddle the abortion knob and the original can be left alone to handle the 99% of the other business the Court addresses?