I Think Disqus Customer Support is All Bots

I sent in a support request to Disqus reporting that Disqus comments exist for posts from the last 2 months but have disappeared for posts from 2012 up to a couple of months ago -- tens of thousands of comments missing.  And the comment box is not even showing up on the posts.  I sent a link to an example post both with and without comments and they responded:

We'd be happy to take a closer look into this, kindly forward us both of the following:
-text of a missing comment;
-link to the page on which the comment should be.

Obviously this is not responsive.  I can't send the text of a comment I don't have.  Thinking that maybe by support request had not gone through completely I resent the request:

I am not communicating well. There is not a particular comment missing. I had between 5 and 100 comments on every single post from 2012 through February 2019 at coyoteblog.com, all with Disqus, and they are all gone. Even the comment links are gone

Here is a recent one that still has comments: https://coyoteblog.com/coyote_blog/2019/03/an-incredible-crony-mess-in-maryland.html

Here is a random one from the past that had over 100 comments and they are all gone: https://coyoteblog.com/coyote_blog/2018/11/i-have-totally-lost-the-thread-here-based-on-what-we-know-now-someone-please-make-the-case-for-me-on-trump-russia-election-collusion.html

this same is true for literally thousands of posts that until recently had disqus comments but now have no comments at all

By the way, between these two posts and all others, they use the same template, code, add-ins, everything.

They answered:

If you give us an example comment, we would have a better idea of what is causing the broader issue across your site.

For folks old enough to remember the program, this is like talking to Eliza.  So I wrote back

How can I give you an example when they are all gone?  Just to be clear, it is not a comment I made that disappeared.  I run the blog coyoteblog.com and it is all the comments of my readers that have disappeared.
Please, go to this link:  https://coyoteblog.com/coyote_blog/2019/01/update-on-tesla-from-the-conference-call-today.html.  Do you see comments?  There were over 100 comments on disqus on this post, now they do not show up at all.  Ditto every post over the last 6 years except for posts over the last 2 months.  Please, rather than sending me these automated replies that don't actually address the issue, compare the comments section of the two post links I sent you.  One has comments on disqus, the other has them all disappeared.

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