When I Am 100% Guaranteed to Do The Opposite...

When I get a recorded phone call that begins, "This is an important call, do not hang up..."   I get these all the time.  No idea what they are for because I immediately hang up.


  1. box_500:

    Starting the call with that intro guarantees the person who listens to the rest of it is ideal material for being scammed

  2. Steve Burrows:

    I called one back just for fun and a very foreign sounding person answered "IRS" and I hung up. For fun I repeated this another dozen times. When he asked "what do you want?" Told them I wanted them to F&%k off. Haven't received any calls from them since. It was a mildly pleasant feeling of minor retribution on an afternoon otherwise spent confirming my biases on the internet.

  3. Joshua:

    If I happen to answer (I usually don't), then I will just put the phone down. It's a minor cost to them, but the only way I can inconvenience them is tying up their phone line for a few extra secons. If it's a human I always say "Can you hang on just a minute?".

  4. Rusty Bill:

    We've been getting more and more of those at work over the last several weeks. By "more", I mean going from 5-6 a week to a couple of dozen every day (on 3 in-dial lines).

  5. Agammamon:

    I usually wait until I get someone one the phone . . .

    And then use the airhorn.

  6. marque2:

    Lately everyone in my family has gotten robocalls in what we believe is the Chinese language. Not.sure what that is about - but if we all get it it can't be something one of us signed up for.