Cinema Visual Effect Before CGI

I really love this blog about visual effects, particularly various forms of matte painting, in movies before CGI.


  1. Mondak:

    A buddy of mine is the publisher of "Cinefex". You should see the beautiful stuff he puts out! While they have a digital edition, it comes out in a really amazing hard copy. It is the sort of thing I would imagine you would appreciate. High quality paper with in depth stories about bringing beautiful effects to the screen and the process behind it. He gave me a couple copies just so I'd see what he is up to and it is quite impressive. Check it out some time if you can.

  2. Clare Steen:

    Thank you for sharing this! I still miss the Alfred Hitchcock attraction that used to be at Universal Studios Florida before it was replaced with the far-inferior Shrek 4D-- part of the presentation showed how Hitchcock used techniques shown in the blog you linked in scenes from The Birds. It also used to include a shot-by-shot breakdown of the shower scene from Psycho and audience participation demonstration of green screen/partial sets for the climax in Saboteur. It was such a gem.