Am I The Only One Who Finds This Paul Krugman Tweet Weirdly Ironic?

Maybe one character could be an economist who entered the world of political punditry and subsequently walked away from many of his earlier economic beliefs when they conflicted with his party loyalty.

e.g. here, here

Postscript:  By the way, my first Venn diagram, which Mark Perry has credited as the inspiration for what he has since turned into an art form, involved Mr. Krugman:


  1. The_Big_W:

    Well, I'm willing to take bets that there is no one in the world less self aware than Paul Krugman....

  2. The_Big_W:

    When you're always so wrong theres a podcast about how wrong you are.....

  3. Joe - the non economist:

    There used to be a weekly krugman post where they listed each factual error in his NYT column each week. The typical number of factual errors was 4-5 per column. His bi weekly columns are now devoted strictly to Trump & republican bashing with no intellectual substance. Those more recent columns over the last 3-4 years have been devoid of any facts, so pointing out factual errors in columns lacking any facts became a waste of time

  4. rst1317:

    I've long suspected Krugman's core issue is little man syndrome. Isn't he something like 5' 5" or 5' 6"? Once he found a way to get the world to see him in a crowd, he dove in full bore. Cognitive dissonance long ago took care of the rest.

    Krugman's so full of himself he believes that only his farts alone can power humanity.

  5. Swami:

    There is a fascinating article written by Krugman in the 90's. In it, Krugman of old takes on the populist bullshit artists (using Reich and SJ Gould as examples) and stands up for his principles while noting that the path to a wider audience was clearly to sell out as these faux intellectual rebels have done. The implication is that he will take the high road and never be a prostitute himself.

    The fascinating thing is that he clearly decided shortly after that time to go 180 degrees in the opposite direction and embrace everything he riled against in this piece.

    This may be the clearest example I have ever read of someone losing their faith and making a "deal with the devil" aka NYT. The fact it is captured in his own writing is bizarre. The good stuff starts in the middle of the paper....

  6. SamWah:

    Ah, Paullie "The Beard" Krugman! As some Canadians might say, "VOY! Eh?"

  7. gr8econ:

    The reason I don't use Krugman's book in my economics class is because I don't want to spend most of the class time explaining why the textbook author disagrees with the NYT column author of the same name.

  8. kidmugsy:

    I dare say he was kidnapped by Russians and brainwashed.

  9. Quincy:

    Glad to hear Krugman intends to start work on his autobiography.

  10. hcunn:

    I liked Krugman when he bashed Dubya Bush in 2001-2009, but he became a partisan hack for Obama, and remains one to this day.