Wither the Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx

In retrospect, this is a pretty amazing cover from 2014.  They even had the MVP right.

I will admit to some bias, having grown up in Houston, but I have always loved that striped Astros uniform.

Game 5 was the most entertaining baseball game I ever saw, but probably not the best.  The best probably would have to have things like pitching and defense too.  The best game I ever saw was probably game 7 between the Yankees and the Diamondbacks back in 2001.


  1. The_Big_W:

    Sorry, the best game 7 was in 1991. I can only imagine Jack Morris was watching this year's game seeing all the pitchers being pulled after a few innings and thinking to himself "wusses".

  2. jimc5499:

    I have to agree about the Diamondbacks Yankees 2001 game 7.

  3. Just Thinking:

    Not only the best game was game 7 in 1991, but also the best World Series period. Some sort on unbelievable percentage of games were won in the last inning.

  4. mlhouse:

    Three extra inning games. 5 one run games. Kirby Puckett's amazing catch against the wall followed by his walk off home run in the 11th. Then Jack Morris and hit 10 inning 1-0 game. Just thinking about it gives me goose bumps.

  5. herdgadfly:

    My vote is for the most incredible game ever pitched in the World Series. Those of us old enough to have watched game 5 of the 1956 World Series will favor the Don Larsen gem, a perfect "no windup, no hit " game against the Brooklyn Dodgers and believe it or not, Yogi Berra never made a trip to the mound and Larson never shook off a Berra sign. Larsen used 97 pitches to retire 27 batters, getting a called third strike on pinch-hitter Dale Mitchell. The home plate umpire was Babe Pinelli.

  6. Todd Ramsey:

    Greatest color commentary of all time in 2001 Game 7. When Gonzalez came to bat, the Yankees pulled the infield in to prevent the run from scoring on a grounder. McCarver says that bringing the infield in is risky, because Rivera's cutter produces a lot of flares off the bat handle into the deep infield. Which is exactly what happened, driving in the winning run.

  7. Rick C:

    That uniform reminds me of the Windows 3 theme "Hot Dog Stand".