Fixed The Site Performance Problem, I Hope

For reasons I do not fully understand because I really must not fully grasp how CSS works, the white background of the site loads last.  Some of you found the site hard to read because there was a small bit of code, really ancient site meter sort of code from 15 years ago, that was broken and slowing the white background from loading.  I think it is fixed.  Thanks to the readers who let me know.


  1. ErikTheRed:

    In today's culture protesting the lack of a white page background would surely out us as racists. I was practicing pretending to enjoy the challenges of diverse visual schemes that may or may not actually enhance functionality.

  2. Tanuki Man:

    Thanks. Fixed on my phone now.

  3. jdgalt:

    If the background were intended to be dark, I would expect the text to be in some contrasting color. It's the lack of contrast that made it really hard to read.

    Good fix, Coyote!

  4. Bistro:

    yeah yeah, but there is this ugly black letter text marring the white background. Can you do anything to fix that?

  5. herdgadfly:

    The code was first reported here.

  6. Craig:


  7. DaveK:

    Indeed, it does load faster now. Thanks!

  8. EricP:

    I do website optimization for a living, the problem is CSS and javascript can block "rendering" (or display) of the page. Custom fonts do this as well. But JS is the absolute worst in modern browsers. So you are only as fast as your slowest element. Since CSS tends to load from your own server and is needed to start rendering the page, it's usually best to load it first, JS because it's not needed to render is best loaded last. If you know that your JS doesn't change the look of the page, you can add async to your JS tags to make it non-blocking.