Me In My Actual Day Job

Given that this blog is a net financial loss to me, I do other things to put food on the table.  My actual day job, as some of you know, is running a company that privately operates public recreation areas.  I presented at a conference on new ideas for public recreation a couple weeks back in Washington.  This was my presentation:

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  1. Joe Mama:


  2. EDM:

    That was a great presentation.

  3. Thruppennybit:

    Great work Warren

  4. ColoComment:

    Kept my attention, start to finish! The "before" and "after" photos were very effective.

    That's a pretty creative (and balanced) contract. How long did the negotiations take & how hard was it to convince the gov't that it could "win" by releasing partial control to an outside party?

  5. slocum:

    Very cool. The problem solved by modular buildings isn't something I'd ever considered. I'm afraid, though, that some of the agencies could find the presentation a bit threatening. A clean, modern, well-run campground without any budget required or agency personnel on staff!? Wonderful for the public. But not so much for those running the agency (although I suppose the TVA might be different, since recreation is not their focus).