What Paul McCartney and Donald Trump Have in Common

"Paul has a compulsive need to feed his enemies all the ammunition they could want.  The software of “don’t take the bait” was never installed in his system.  No celebrity has ever been easier to goad into gaffes."  source


  1. SamWah:

    Could Trump be throwing out bait for the suckers. Magic 8-Ball says "Could Beeeeeeeeee".

  2. GoneWithTheWind:

    "Goad into gaffes"
    When I was young I played poker with friends. One of my friends was exceptionally lucky. He was, it seemed, not a good poker player and would bluff and bet recklessly. Yet it was always me sitting watching the game after all my niclkels and dimes were lost to this "lucky" bragadoshious player. I am now 73, my friend is 74 and he still wins at poker. Four times a year he goes to Vegas and plays for big bucks. Other than SS it is his only income and he is doing well. He reminds my of Trump in that he is showy and doesn't play by my rules and behind the scenes he wins big. I will make my final decision about Trump after he finishes his presidency. I do know this much, the hate from the left tells me all I need to know; Trump is winning and they don't like it.

  3. LanternFish:

    Trump is a billionaire, married to a gorgeous model, living in The White House. Some gaffe.