Bragging Rights

I think the table I built for our new hobby room came out pretty well.  Having only really done woodwork on speakers, I am most comfortable working with mdf so this is mdf with an alder veneer to match the cabinets in the room.  Because I knew the slab of marble (a scrap we found at the stone store on discount) was going to be super heavy (something like 400 pounds) the table is built super solid.  I will say that modern design is much easier to build than something antique-looking - really this is only rectangular boxes and frames so it was pretty easy.

Taking in account the over-designed pedestals that are 3/4 inch mdf with interior baffles, this whole things weighs almost 500 pounds.  I observed to my wife, who wants to use it as a cutting table, that it would make an awesome beer pong table.  Perhaps when she is out of town we will have a coyoteblog get-together to try it out in that mode.

Next up, I finally have  small room to do my model railroading in so I will be boring you with updates on that particularly geeky hobby.

Postscript:  Yes, I run parks and I like model trains, like Ben in Parks and Rec:

  • Ben is a fan of model trains, Game of Thrones (his eBay username is "Tall Tyrion Lannister",a reference to a character from the franchise), Batman (he purchased a Batman suit when he joined Donna and Tom for Treat Yo Self), Star Trek (he writes Star Trek fanfiction, and had expressed a preference for Captain Picard over Captain Kirk), Fringe, Harrison Ford, Twin Peaks, Homeland, and Star Wars (among other things).
  • Ben is a "nationally ranked" player of Settlers of Catan

I am comfortable with all of this except perhaps for the preference for Picard over Kirk.


  1. me:

    Wow. Kudos, that's magnificient!!

  2. Orion Henderson:

    Kirk is an icon-but Picard is a better captain every day of the week.

  3. Mercury:

    Nice! Although those pedestals could also have been speakers.or subs.
    I know what you mean about "modern" design being easier. Around Vermont it's easy to find long "sheets" of granite in the ground - a few inches thick and nice and uniform and flat. I once made an entire, outdoor "living room" (couches, benches and a fire pit) just by levering these things out of the ground and cementing them on top of each other. It was very nice looking in a Fred Flintstone meets Frank Lloyd Wright sort of way.
    Marble give ping pong balls a lot of bounce BTW

  4. August Hurtel:

    Looks like a post-Vatican II, 'hey look at how progressive we are' altar.

  5. Hal_10000:

    My brother (Eric's trains) does a LOT of stuff on this and has videos about how to weather cars and stuff. It's kind of amazing, actually. I thought "the hobby" would be right up your alley.

  6. Freedom:

    You left out vital information. Slam pong or lob pong? Which club's rules?

  7. TransHat:

    The table reminds me of the work surface at the fudge store on the Atlantic City Boardwalk back in the 1960's. They would pour a molten hot liquid fudge from a copper kettle onto the marble surface and the fudge maker would use a huge spatula to flip it over and over to keep it from running off the edge of the table and after five minutes it would all of a sudden solidify into an airy delicious fudge.

  8. EDM:

    Very nice work!

  9. Solomon Foster:

    I've been dying for years to learn how your hand-laying code 40 (?!?!!) N-scale track went!

    (Just googled and you can actually buy code 40 flex track? Still no commercial turnouts.)

  10. DaveK:

    500 lb? I hope you are either sitting on a slab of concrete, or have some oversized joists below the floor where it sets.

  11. Todd Ramsey:

    How many hours do you sleep nightly? Seriously.

  12. Heresiarch:

    Nicely done!

  13. obloodyhell:

    Settlers is too much pure luck. It's also a rip-off, with everything done for two levels of add-ons, one to add to the 4 person game and then to add a 5th/6th player. To play a six-player game with two add-ons costs like $200 bucks.

    I prefer both Carcassonne and Terra Mystica.

    Carcassone can use two add-ons, Inns and Cathedrals and Traders and Builders, but they aren't needed And you don't have to pay for the six player game, so both of those add-ons can be had for about 40 bucks, not 80 to 90... And it has far less pure luck to play it, though it has some.

    Terra Mystica isn't luck at all, other than "going first" at the start of the game.

  14. Herb:

    What scale, area, and era? Are you a NMRA member and if so are you working towards a MMR? Inquiring geeks want to know.

    Oh, and for full disclosure: HO, New England, 1900s, was but not currently, and considering it.