Speech Restrictions Will ALWAYS Be Enforced Assymetrically

One of the larger problems with speech restrictions is that they will always be interpreted and enforced asymmetrically.  Don't believe me?  Consider this tweet from the Left during the Obama Administration:

My guess is that these folks would not enforce this speech rule in the same way during the Trump Administration as during the Obama Administration.


  1. J_W_W:

    You're expecting Progressives to have and live up to Standards.

    Though its easy to be fooled. I thought they really meant it when they said "after the election, whoever wins, the country needs to be brought back together". That appears to have been one of the greatest. lies. of. all. time.

  2. Jim Collins:

    Of course the Progressives thought that the fix was in. Boy! Were they surprised.

  3. Matthew Slyfield:

    You're a fool if you expect politicians of any party to have and live up to standards.

  4. JTW:

    depends on the standards. The standard for politicians appears to be to be a lying, corrupt, self centered, egotistical, megalomanic.
    Compared to that standard they do quite well.

  5. JTW:

    they were convinced "whoever" was going to be their candidate so they were calling on civilised people to cave in and lower themselves to the level of BLM and their ilk, and be good little drones of te government.

    They didn't get what they were convinced they would and of course still demand that the rest of the world submit and do as the left wants them to. After all, "it's only fair" to do as the left tells you, even if you've told the left in no uncertain terms that things are not going the way the left wants them to go...

  6. MJ:

    Thanks for posting. I've saved this image for future use. Something tells me it will be making a lot of appearances over the next 3+ years.

    I had heard several variations of this admonishment to "respect the office" over the past eight years, but it's always surprising how quickly that pretense was dropped once Trump took office. Nice to have one tweet that so perfectly captures that cognitive dissonance.