Hey, Someone's Listening!

New Pacific Legal Foundation attorney Jeremy Talcott generously gives me some credit for his interest in defending liberty.   At about the 5:50 mark.  While blogging, one is so disconnected from the readers it sometimes feels like lecturing in a pitch black auditorium and wondering if anyone is in the audience.  PLF is one of the half dozen top organizations in the country using litigation to protect liberty (along with others like the IJ, Goldwater, Mackinac, etc.)


  1. mharris717:

    I know I'm definitely reading Warren.

  2. Mark Sundstrom:

    Warren, I never comment (except this time!) but I read every post and have for many years. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort!

  3. Kurt Droffe:

    Me too: Faithful reader for some years now.

  4. Mark:

    I haven't missed a post for years, probably a decade. I send 'em to my kids, too. Hopefully, some of it will stick, counteracting the progressive nonsense they're marinating in at college.

  5. Jerryskids:

    I think I came across this site years ago due to a Walter Olson link and it's one of my regular bookmarks. I've worked for myself most of my life in a family home construction business and we've never wanted to get very big specifically because it's just too much hassle with our "partners" in government, the ones who somehow seem to make more money off our business than we do despite the fact that I've never once seen one of them swinging a hammer or toting a piece of lumber on a jobsite.

  6. StillAnOptimist:

    Always insightful - never miss a post! - thank you

  7. SamWah:

    Me, too!

  8. kidmugsy:

    I hate to gush, but you are doing a fine job with your blog. All power to your elbow.