Interesting Timing

This last Sunday, September 11, on the same day Hillary Clinton's staff were struggling to erase concerns that Hilary was in poor health after her collapse in New York, PBS Masterpiece aired a nice little movie called "Churchill's Secret".  I recorded it but did not watch it last night, so only yesterday saw the connection:  the movie was about a major stroke Churchill suffered circa 1953, in the midst of his second stint as Prime Minister of the UK.   One subplot, and the reason for the title, was of Churchill's political staff working like crazy to (successfully) hide Churchill's stroke and incapacity from everyone -- media, the public, his own party.  I wonder if PBS, likely Clinton supporters to a person, regrets the timing?


  1. bloke in france:

    Well they all do it, from Roosevelt to Kim Il Sung.
    Some examples: Joe Stalin, Harold Wilson, Anthony Eden, Hugo Chavez, Francois Mitterand, numerous popes, most Ottoman sultans...
    Sheesh, even Hitler and JFK would have done it if they'd had the PR.

  2. Andrew_M_Garland:

    About hiding facts. I saw Hillary on TV describe to some press what had happened at the 9/11 memorial. She said that she knew for a few days that she had bacterial pneumonia, but did not think that would stop her, so she "powered through". This didn't work out, and she had to leave. Treatment with antibiotics and a little rest have put her back into the campaign.

    A diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia would prompt immediate treatment with antibiotics. In fact, her doctors could not know in such little time that her pneumonia was bacterial or viral. Hillary's comment does not make sense. She certainly would not have started antibiotics after her collapse unless she had not known about the pneumonia. I think she is making this up as she goes along.

  3. kidmugsy:

    If Hillary said it, you can be pretty confident that it's untrue.

  4. freereel:

    It was no coincidence. They were SELLING the idea that "great leaders" can keep leading AFTER stroking out.