Nice Link From Megan McArdle

In Bloomberg, Megan McArdle gives me a nice link to my climate series that begins here.  Some of you may wonder if I know about such things in advance.  The answer is no.  The only way I really knew was that I woke up in my little hotel in Bruges and fired up my email on my 300 baud hotel internet connection and found about 20 loooong emails wishing to discuss some aspects of climate in detail.   Which I actually really enjoy, except that I was sort of unprepared for the deluge.

I will get back to everyone in time.  I do enjoy the feedback, and consider myself pretty persuadable on climate topics.

PS-  If you have not seen the movie "In Bruges", it is not particularly well-known but is a good film, imho.


  1. Mr. Generic:

    I liked In Bruges too. But I found parts of it too dark for the dark comedy it was trying to be.

  2. Joe B:

    I found your climate series from her link and read it completely. Its sober and excellent.

  3. marque2:

    Tether - you have T-Mobile, they give every customer 200megs of tethering data "free" each month. In fact for tablets you can get a T-Mobile account that only does the 200 megs a month, and just pay for the sim card, no monthly fee. No excuse for 300 baud hotel rates any longer - unless that was a quote from Bruges, which I didn't catch onto.

  4. DaveK:

    If you have the time, enjoy an excellent meal and some very good beer at De Halve Mann, a local restaurant and brewery. As a point of trivia, this brewery is building a pipeline through Bruges from the brewery to a bottling plant located outside the town.

  5. Andy May:

    I also discovered your excellent blog through her article. I sent her an email thanking her for the essay. I had written off the mainstream media as a bunch of scientifically illiterate ideologues so I was very surprised to see her write about the climate debate in such an intelligent way. I really like your blog, thanks.

  6. Mark Thomson:

    I also got here via McArdle. One thing I'm curious about... looking around your site I can't find any explicit indication of who you are. I see some links to works elsewhere by Warren Meyer, but nothing that says explicitly that that's who you are. Am I just missing something or are you trying to go incognito?

  7. BillBodell:

    McMegan & Warren Meyer together! My life is now complete.

  8. Incunabulum:

    I didn't think it was trying to be a comedy - though the trailer certainly tried to make it seem like one.

  9. David Smith:

    Hi. I, too, saw the Bloomberg article which led me to your blog. Your series on lukewarming is well-reasoned and well-articulated and is a helpful contribution to people who are trying to work their way through the topic. Good job and, on behalf of readers like me, thanks!
    I've added Coyote Blog to my daily reading list.

  10. Alan Patton:

    Make it your biweekly reading list. Coyote tends to binge post every week or two with little appearing in between.

  11. HenryBowman419:

    Warren, the truly sad part of McArdle's article was the visceral reaction from many of her readers, including the fraudulent and loathsome Michael Mann.

  12. sean2829:

    If there is one thing that is missing from the article is the need for direct debate between proponents of each side of the climate argument. Roger Pielke Sr. used to have position papers on his blog that were submitted by expert climatologists. While they were not directly debating verbally, they were in written form. I recall a back and forth between Kevin Trenbreth and Roy Spencer (both quite passionate in their positions) talking about measurement of outgoing radiation by satellite. Neither won the argument but you got a sense of how difficult the subject is. The satellites can measure incoming and outgoing radiation to within about 1% but the radiation imbalance is 0.1% that leads to warming. On top of that, the amount of infrared emissions is also sensitive to the temperature of the emissive surface plus and minus the things like clouds that get in the way of measurements. Both positions were well thought out and rational but showed just how difficult it is to draw unassailable conclusions. The climate problem really is tough. It also highlights the value of debate between experts in the field, something that has been sorely lacking for the last 20 years.

  13. David Smith:

    Thanks. I should have used the phrase "my daily check list", meaning my list of websites I check in the morning
    for new articles..

  14. kidmugsy:

    Bruges is a lovely wee city. Bet you're happy to be there.

  15. joshv:

    Scroll down to the footer of the blog.

  16. Mark Thomson:

    Excellent, thank you!

  17. Sam P:

    They've been mentioning each other for years. Mr. Meyer has more than a decade old links to when Ms. McArdle was blogging as Jane Galt.

  18. Maks Swing:

    It's not a comedy but it has several funny parts. I wonder how coyote reacted to the bit about the fat American dying in the tower.
    After being to Florida the last few weeks obesity really struck me as an American problem.