If Bernie Sanders and His Supporters Get Their Way, This Would Be the Food Line

Update:  Food lines in socialist Venezuela


Progressives are going to try to memory-hole their support for Chavez and Venezuela, but don't you forget that most prominent progressives were enthusiastic supporters of the imposition of socialism by Chavez in Venezuela.  It is only now, when its predictable failures are becoming too obvious even for the American media to ignore, that progressives have gone silent on Venezuela.  Give them a few years and they will likely develop a meme that this was some sort of failure of free markets.


  1. Not Sure:

    And once you finally got to the store, you'd find about as much to eat as you find on a plane flight.

  2. esoxlucius:

    ...toiletpaper line...

    sigh. my crappy city, my crappy state. flying out thursday...

  3. Matthew Slyfield:

    So what happens when the line gets so long that the end of the line extends all the way back around to the front of the line?

  4. Ugasailor:

    We are more and more a banana republic. In my travels to Brazil a few years ago, we had to arrive at the Sao Paulo airport 5 hours before departure time.

  5. Bruce Zeuli:

    And this is to deliver a 5% success rate in finding weapons (according to audits). So if we wanted a 95% success rate, would the entire flying population have to stand in line at all times?

  6. mlhouse:

    What do you expect from an organization that is only concerned about one metric: Maximize the amount of union due contributions made to the Democratic Party.

  7. Craig Loehle:

    Sanders wife just bankrukpted the college she was running, it closed. Financial wizards.

  8. 4kx3:

    Note that TSA became largely irrelevant after the airlines hardened their cockpits, which on 9/11 were open, and under FAA instructions to do whatever the hijacker wanted.

    Since no one has demonstrated any ability to construct an explosive from carried liquids, it is now pure theater constructed so the U.S. won't be guilty of profiling Muslims under 30 with foreign passports. And we submit to it.

  9. SamWah:

    We could all fly naked.

  10. Shane:

    You missed the president of Venezuela threatening the only beer manufacturer's owner with jail, because he was closing his last plant. LOL he is closing because he can't import barely. Typical communists, if you don't do it I will kill you.

  11. Kurt Droffe:

    Failure of free markets, or: conspiracy of the evil West, especially the US. Because that's also a meme that is happily brought up again and again: They (capitalists, enemies of the left/people, imperialists, you name it) "didn't allow" it to happen; they "thwarted" the noble struggle for socialism, which would have prevailed, were it not for their vile machinations. I mean, they succeded to bring capitalism to Cuba, destabilize Brazil, make friends with Colombia, did away with Kirchnerismo in Argentina, so what chance did poor Venezuela have? Not to mention the warfare via shale oil extraction in the US that depressed the global price of oil explicitly to bring down Chavismo.
    I pity these poor people who have deserved better (even when a good part of them voted for this nonsens); alas a Regime like this in it’s death always manages to take down others with it; there always are enough thugs to do their bidding.

  12. Ike Pigott:

    Of course it is a failure of Markets.

    Those evil capitalists have been pushing fracking and the Canadian oil sands in an intentional conspiracy to undermine the only source of wealth that belonged to the glorious revolutionary people of Venezuela.

  13. Bram:

    It would also be the local socialized medicine office. If you have cancer or another serious disease, they'll arrange for a follow-up visit in 6 months to see if you are still alive.

  14. brotio:

    Often coupled with the threat, "If you DO it I will kill you."

  15. JLawson:

    "Make up your mind! Am I damned if I do, or damned if I don't?!"