Wrapped Around the Axle

This is home repair day, so I am working from home while a variety of repair people show up (none of whom has yet shown up in their promised arrival time window).

Anyway, the A/C guy was here first and was diagnosing why my condenser didn't seem to be running.  He found this on the cooling fan motor (dead):

DSC_0257 (1)

Life in Arizona.


  1. Jtsulli:

    is that a bull snake?

  2. Tom Lindmark:

    Clearly not from Arizona

  3. Jtsulli:

    The head looked wrong to me for a rattlesnake (which is what I assume you are implying that it is) and I have seen a few bull snakes over the years. They like to imitate rattlesnakes as a defense mechanism and are similarly patterned, as well.

  4. Jtsulli:

    and no, I am not an Arizona native.

  5. HenryBowman419:

    Can't imagine why you would need A/C in such a dry location as Phoenix...

  6. me:

    TIme windows... I remember the first time I scheduled with comcast. They were supposed to be there 10-12, I left at 1pm and came back to a sternly worded note that pointed out that I hadn't been present during the agreed upon time.

  7. Roger Powell:

    Yeah - looks like one - We usually call 'em gopher snakes. I've had a few in my yard here in AZ. I like seeing them and/or king snakes because they both eat rattlers (although king snakes eat a lot more).

  8. Roger Powell:

    And .. a little bit of research calls into question if the gopher snake eats rattlers. Oh well, the king snakes do and I see 2 or 3 of those for each gopher snake I see.

    As for the snake in the photo - it's small and it is dried up a bit -- so it's possible it was a small rattler. It's hard to get a good look at the head in this photo and the tail is obscured.

  9. Ron H.:

    Henry, you obviously haven't been there.

  10. Robert Rounthwaite:

    As an engineer, I wonder if the specs for this product considered this kind of failure at all!

  11. Matthew Slyfield:

    Well, there's your problem.

  12. kidmugsy:

    Those of us who have lived in Australia say "pah" to your little, tame USian snakes and accuse you of smelling of elderberries.

  13. frankania:

    Yeah, I found a dead snake inside my window A?C in our beach cabin near Puerto Vallarta. Pulled it out, and now it runs fine....

  14. herdgadfly:

    I have never seen a dead snake that could crawl, let alone run!

  15. John:

    At first look, I thought you had an extra special ground strap on the motor axle.

  16. donald:

    Warren, you are dispelling the urban (desert) Myth that I tell everyone out here in Nashville. I didn't ever mow a single lawn in my life until I moved to Tennessee. Now people are going to think that grass grows in Arizona.

  17. Roger Powell:

    True dat. Crazy place Oz. I was once on a dive trip there and the dive master assured us we didn't need to worry about sharks............ Because the saltwater crocs had eaten them all :-)

  18. Rick C:

    Next time, you'll know to leave a note on the door saying "I was here from 10-12, and you didn't show up. At 1, I had to leave for another errand. I'll be back at 2. The security camera recorded your no-show."