Warren Meyer Climate Presentation at Claremont-McKenna Athenaeum


  1. Bloke in North Dorset:

    I've been following you climate sceptic blog almost since it started and got a lot from your early presentations and since then I've done a lot more reading and I'm more or less in the same place as you, but I still enjoyed watching you at work.

    One point I'd like to make: when talking to the poverty Vs CO2 slide I think you should point out that the 1 billion people who've been raised out of poverty are mostly still poorer than the poorest American and European citizen, on PPP, and that still leaves something like 1bn people still living on less than $1.85 in PPP terms.

  2. Aloha Johnny:

    I watched this with my son, who goes to a very expensive private high school and his comment was "we need to get this guy to speak at my school." Well done presentation.