So This Totally Needs to be An Olympic Sport


  1. WiTexan:

    Saw this live in St. Paul a couple years ago - it's insane. The start line was build on scaffolding on the front steps of the Cathedral of St. Paul.

  2. John O.:

    I'm sorry but the Department of Sporting Games and Safety will not issue a license for this type of activity and find that it lacks appropriate protocols for serious injuries including concussion, death and dismemberment. I hereby demand that you CEASE AND DESIST these activities at once or you and any participant will be subject to civil action up to $100 million dollars in fines and damages to pay for treatment of those already injuried in your "Sport".

  3. Fred_Z:

    I think the whole lunacy started in Quebec City, Canada, a very hilly city, with young men, (who else?) skating down steep streets after freezing rain.

  4. Titan28:

    Looks like a darn good way to kill yourself.

  5. Sam P:

    Looks like BMX downhill... on ice without the bike