Mark Perry's "Best of Venn Diagrams" .... But Where Did They Start?

Mark Perry loves to use the Venn diagram format to point out hypocrisy or inconsistent arguments.  He has a sort of best-of post with 12 of them here.

I am actually fairly certain the first one of these actually appeared here, on Coyote Blog.  This was the chart I made:

click to enlarge


Update:  Good lord I wrote Rick Perry instead of Mark Perry.  I am officially going senile.  Sorry Mark.


  1. OttoMaddox:

    Mark Perry, please

  2. bigmaq1980:

    Warren, agree. But great ideas are like that, the originator rarely gets the credit.

  3. HenryBowman419:

    Warren, it's been roughly 24 hours since your post: please correct the title, at least. It's Mark Perry, not Rick Perry.

  4. Mark Perry:

    Thanks Warren, I readily admit that the first Venn diagram about economics that I ever saw was definitely yours above, but I am pretty sure that I first saw it re-posted on Facebook, or Twitter, or on another blog, or somewhere on the Web (and not on your blog), and you weren't given credit as the source/creator. I have sometimes wondered where that first Venn diagram came from, and was never aware that you were the originator! I will update my "Venn Diagram Sunday" post and link to your recent blog post, and will be sure to mention on some of my future posts with Venn diagrams that you were the Venn diagram "originator" that inspired me to create many more on my own!!