Winners in the "Find Coyote A Special Laundry Rack" Contest

A few days ago I asked readers if they could find me a laundry drying rack that could elevate with an electric winch, to take advantage of the limited floor space but 12 foot ceilings in my bizarrely designed laundry room.  These are surprisingly common in Asia but I could not find any for sale in the US.

Several of the early responses found manual ones but missed on the electric/automatic spec  (e.g  here and here).  I may in the end get one of these and motorize it but the contest specified already motorized.

Phil had the first winning entry, finding this Asian model for sale to the US in retail lots.  Its too expensive, and Dwight found one later much cheaper, but the contest was for first email, and did not say anything about price.  I will give Dwight honorable mention because I feel like I searched the Sh*t out of Amazon and somehow missed this.

I decided to give a second award to Neil.  He was the first one to go a little more creative and search beyond laundry to get something with the right functionality but designed for a different application.  It is not the most attractive item in the world but easily has the best price-value ratio of any solution so I awarded a second prize for it.

Finally, while it does not win, Brad gets honorable mention for this closet solution, which is not quite what I am looking for, but might have been made to work if I didn't have other options.

Thanks to everyone.  I'll post a picture when we finally install something.



  1. Bruce Zeuli:

    Hint for the future. Using Chrome, right click the image and choose "Search Google For Image". The search returned this items and similar from several sales sites. Didn't think of it earlier.

  2. Douglas McKinnie:

    Congratulations for the winners. The Stewi "Lift Laundry" non-electric one does seem to solve the problem I have with the victorian ones -- which is the need to balance the weight of what is hung to either side of the support.

  3. ColoComment:

    Wow, $500+ for a drying rack? Rack drying must really be important to you.

    I used to dry certain clothes on a rack, but then I decided that if an item couldn't survive my machine dryer without shrinking, melting or radically shortening its lifespan, then I didn't need it, and so ==> Goodwill.