Yes, Its Awesome. But It Kind Of Also Feels Like A Darwin Awards Preview


  1. mikeInThe716:

    Being young and fit leads to feelings of invincibility. Quick
    recovery from most (minor) injuries further stokes confidence and risk
    tolerance. What’s missing here (in a Bastiat sense) is the cracked skull video.

    I liked floor and roller hockey, but stopped playing ~40 when
    a cracked rib made it torture to breath for 2 weeks. In my 20’s, I recovered
    from a simlilar injury in a couple days.

    That said, extreme risk has a place: Military training,
    human space travel, certain sports... The USA is, in the first two catagories,
    kinda weenie-grade (thank you NASA and spineless military officers). On the
    other end of the spectrum are Russian gun drills...

  2. jon49:

    I don't know if anyone has told you or not but your site has some malware on it. It takes me to gogardenclub when I open it from feedly. Similar to what this post is saying:

    Might be related to sitemeter plugin, if you have it installed.

    I know it's not my computer since I just did a clean install of Xubuntu on Sunday.