New Star Wars Trailer

I didn't see any gratuitous lens flairs until about 1:42 so I am not sure this is really JJ Abrams.  But I must admit that despite the total crapitude of Episodes 1-3, I am excited.


  1. morganovich:

    meesa hopsa thisa better than the prequels!

  2. MNHawk:

    After the total craptitude of the first book of the "reimagined universe," I am not.

  3. beautox:

    JJ Abrams stinks up the screen whenever he makes anything

  4. Mr. S:

    Episode 3 was better than Episode 6, Mr. Meyer, but we'll agree to disagree here. I also thought Zak Snyder was the quintessential lens flare director, but I'll take you at your word here :)

  5. Tanuki Man:

    Lens flare. Not flair.

  6. JW:

    If you liked how he stupidly and clumsily borked his way through Star Trek, you're going to love Star Wars.

  7. Elrond Hubbard:

    Maybe this time the storm troopers will have armor that actually protects them.

  8. Scott:

    this is awful. when did the force go to sleep?

  9. marque2:

    Hmm, I think 5 is usually considered the best.

    5-4-1-6-3-2 would be my order.