When I Grew Up, We Just Called These "Election Campaigns"

Local AZ water district offers manure share program.


** This post is the result of an email exchange with a reader where we joked about a blog Turing test.  So this is my attempt to imitate Glenn Reynold's style.  How did I do?


  1. Jens Fiederer:

    Not bad. A tad verbose.

  2. SamWah:

    Purty dang good!

  3. HenryBowman419:

    You forgot to include an "Heh" or an "unexpectedly".

  4. LastNameFirstNameLast:


  5. johnnycello:

    They told me if I voted for Doug Ducey, Arizona would go to sh*t, and they were right!

  6. Matthew Slyfield:

    Who is Glenn Reynold?

  7. BarksintheCountry: