We're Number 181!

Apparently Alexa ranks Coyoteblog 181 among "Conservative" and center-right news and opinion sites sites.  I am not sure how a web site that supports gay marriage, legalized narcotics, and legalized prostitution can be "Conservative" but I understand that there are those who group everyone who is not socialist under the "conservative" moniker.  Honestly, in the age of RSS feeds and twitter and many other ways to read a site, I am not sure if this means anything.  Particularly since I see no possible way we have more readers than Volokh.  But there you go.  Thanks for the link from Maggies Farm, who aces us out at 159.


  1. alanstorm:

    Are you sure you haven't got that number backwards?

  2. Richard Clark:

    Volokh is behind a paywall now.

  3. Penkville:

    Well done.
    So apparently any blog or website that isn't rabidly liberal is conservative/centre-right then? An interesting comment on modern political discourse methinks...

  4. joe:

    Conservative website = any website that doesnt go full monty with all progressive ideals

    Scotusblog which leans left - ie has slight but definite leftist slant ranks 68. Though while it has a definite leftist slant, it remains reasonably fair.

    climateaudit.org - is a science/statistical website with a focus on the statistical analysis of climate science. It shows no bias for or against AGW. In only points out errors on both sides of the spectrum. Essentially perform the function of peer review (which has delved into pal review in the science of climate)

    Again Conservative website is any website that doesnt go full monty

  5. Chris:

    westernrifleshooters.blogspot.com which is virtually anarcho-capitalist, is also high on the list.

  6. FelineCannonball:

    Directorblue picked who they put in the list. Read the header and comment. Scotusblog for instance is in there because they have some conservative voices at times (guest bloggers?) according to the person who picked the list.

  7. Bill:

    Maybe it's because you argue against wasting taxpayer money on light rail?

  8. cjsmall:

    While it might be considered a matter of semantics, I've stopped referring to the "legalization" of victimless crimes and instead refer to the goal as the decriminalization of these activities. Legalization implies that we need to seek government permission in order to engage in these acts when the truth is that these actions are ours by right. It is the immoral government interference into the private sphere that has rendered them criminal and it is the rescinding of that interference (i.e., decriminalization) that is required -- not some new special dispensation that we seek.

  9. jdgalt:

    Nearly all the remaining few who want to outlaw sex work and drugs are so generally "nanny-statist" that they identify with the Left these days. That puts their opponents on the Right, whether we thought we were there or not.

  10. jdgalt:

    Depends who wants to view it. If you register for WaPo with an ".edu" e-mail address, it's still free.

  11. PA32R:


  12. jdgalt:

    I suggest "re-legalization".

  13. marque2:

    It is interesting how things have changed over my lifetime. When I was growing up, it was liberals who wanted government out of the bedroom, now they insist students get signed documents before having sex, and that is OK, now it is the right saying that is silly. women used to be just as good as men, now, they are projecting that they so week they need laws and help to protect them, and safe rooms in college and work - leftists think this is fine, the right now thinks women are equal. Free speech was another one of those. Whenever there was a violent protest and the cops tried to shut it down, we got calls about violation of free speech. Now the left is into Orwellian double speak PC language, and demanding hate crimes for saying the obvious, and the right is for true free speech.

    I hope this is a yo-yo effect, because the left definitely has been winning the culture wars, my entire life - and the right, can't talk themselves out of a hole. If the don't yo-yo back in 20 years, it will be quite oppressive in this country.

    As for libertarians, they moan about ideal states, and totally refuse to look at the reality around them. Even cogent/sober libertarians come off as pot heads.

  14. bigmaq1980:

    Right. Reason.com is 31

    People cannot see beyond two dimensions on politics... Left vs Right.

    Yet, there is another dimension which recognizes the degree to which personal freedom / responsibility (vs government regulation / authority / responsibility) exists / is advocated.


  15. tfowler:

    Or you can delete their cookies (or set your browser not to accept them) and just keep reading without interruption.

  16. Milton:

    Or hit the "x" button on top of the page as soon as it loads, before it has a chance to redirect to the subscription page.

  17. EricP:

    As a conservative, let's just say I agree with you more often than I disagree. Not sure I'm representative but at least someone else agrees.