Doesn't The Government Know That It Has A Duty to Prop Up The Stock Market?

Fortunately, Suze Orman and Jim Cramer are on the case.   Because why do we have a government if not to keep asset bubbles inflated as long as possible?

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  1. honestpatriot:

    It is a disgrace, a disgrace, I say, that in this day and age, the august empire of these united states would take a backseat to the chinese (the chinese!!!) in supporting our honest hardworking capitalists investment in their very own stock market. I propose a program by which we'd immediately double the federal money supply and invest it all - yes, all of it, my fellow americans - into the very best of shares. It is clear that while this might require some reasonable raise of the oxygen tax in the short run, it will be enormously profitable in the long run, to the point where leading economists predict that the program will not only pay for itself but generate huge revenue. Let us pray!