Obama Extends War With Eastasia Hours After Declaring He Has Never Been At War With Eastasia

Via Zero Hedge:

Just when we thought the absurdity that marks every single day of Obama's reign could not possibly be surpassed, we learned that 4 hours (3 hours and 47 minutes to be precise) after the US president vowed to sign a new law banning bulk data collection by the NSA (named, for purely grotesque reasons, the "USA Freedom Act"), the Obama administration asked the secret Fisa surveillance court to ignore a federal court that found bulk surveillance illegal and to once again grant the National Security Agency the power to collect the phone records of millions of Americans for six months.

Or, as the Guardian's Spencer Ackerman, who spotted this glaring page out of Josef Stalin's playbook, summarized it:

According to Ackerman, this latest travesty by the administration "suggests that the administration may not necessarily comply with any potential court order demanding that the collection stop."


  1. Andrew_M_Garland:

    Near the end of World War II, Winston Churchill warned Stalin not to oppose the Pope. Stalin replied "How many divisions does the Pope of Rome have?" (A division is a large fighting force.)

    Yes, Obama is Stalinist in his politics.

    The impotence of the Supreme Court and especially Congress has been a shock and eye-opener. We have a fatal hole in our government structure, and Obama is driving totalitarianism through it. Congress cannot even investigate Obama (the Executive Branch) without the consent of the Justice Department, controlled by the Executive Branch.

    Theoretically, the Attorney General has independent powers of investigation. Practically, the AG has been a wholly owned member of the party in power, fully in agreement with Obama about ignoring acts which strengthen Obama regardless of legality.

    Congress can't independently enforce a subpoena without Obama's agreement. The Freedom of Information Act is ignored under Obama's direction. The minority party in Congress does not have any separate powers of investigation; only the majority can even request a subpoena. This prevented any attempt at holding Obama accountable while the Dems held a simple majority in the House of Representatives.

    Obama's evil brilliance is to stop asking "Is it legal?", instead asking "Who is going to stop me?". The model for Obama's actions is President Richard Nixon, who famously said "It's legal when the President does it." Obama is supposedly pure, while Nixon was obviously evil.

    There is no law when law has no practical effect. There is only raw power.

  2. Me too:

    wish I could like this twice

  3. mesaeconoguy:

    Theoretically, the Attorney General has independent
    powers of investigation.

    And that is where Eric Holder inflicted the most damage. His overtly political actions in multiple proceedings (fast & furious gun running, refusal to indict Jon Corzine, multiple violations of Congressionally-subpoenaed documents, to name a few) illustrate Holder's contempt for checks and balances, and separation of powers.

    Holder was/is the linchpin to Obama’s lawlessness.

    Even Attorney General Elliot Richardson had the good sense to resign when Nixon ordered him to fire Archie Cox.

    Holder proved that if you appoint a criminal to the highest legal post in the executive branch, you can get away with just about anything.

  4. Michael Moran:

    I wish I had written your post Andrew. And I agree about Holder. Also, why do you think current political hack was appointed IRS Commissioner rather than a respected tax lawyer as was almost always true in the past.

  5. Joe:

    I would point out what Senator Obama said about Bush issuing signing statements, but this site would probably be issued a subpena for information that can be used to identify me with so I can be sent to Room 101 in the Ministry of Love.

  6. Andrew_M_Garland:

    To mesaeconoguy, Me Too, and Michael Moran, thanks for the additions and support.