The Past Cultural Trend That is Perhaps The Hardest To Explain to My Kids

Trucker movies and the CB radio culture are virtually impossible to explain to my kids.  Perhaps they will have the same experience explaining the Kardashians to their kids.


  1. J_W_W:

    Didn't even have to watch the video to get than damn song stuck in my head. Thanks. ;-)

  2. vikingvista:

    "Son, the height of moral character and manliness is not blind obedience to the dictates of other men, particularly not the dictates of strange distant men who tend to be among the most morally depraved society has to offer. Instead, a good man knows and accepts that he is responsible for his own judgements and actions, always. To be good, you follow your own judgements. To be safe, you follow the wishes of armed legislators."

    Plus, a squad car flying 20 feet in the air into a swamp is simply a thing of beauty."

  3. Georg Thomas:

    "Comb your hair and brush your teeth," I still remember when an American friends of mine - I'm German - explained the meaning of this trucker/CBSer phrase to me, back in the 70s. Love that culture.

  4. Matthew Slyfield:

    "I'm German"

    ESL, that explains "an American friends" singular vs plural confusion.

  5. Georg Thomas:

    The hospitality and intellectual depth a typo can give rise to.

  6. Rusty Bill:

    It was the dark of the moon on the sixth of June
    In a Kenworth, haulin' logs...


    Anybody remember Kentucky Moonrunner?

  7. c_andrew:

    Love the sentiments. Including the last line. Source???

  8. raiderphan:

    "Duel" must be on Netflix.... that will do more for them than any version of "Friday the 13th". And they will see what a Plymouth Valiant looks like, slant-6 and all.

    Anybody know how many seasons "Movin' On" ran?

    for Rusty Bill:
    "... they even had a bear in the air.."

  9. vikingvista:

    The source is vikingvista himself. And that truly is how he raises his sons.

  10. Bram:

    Just get them to imagine a world without cell phones, gps, satellite radio, or laptops. We were bored and wanted to chat and cruise.

  11. Mercury:

    Tell your kids it was the beginning of anonymous/pseudonymous (and effectively encrypted) networking culture whose primary impetus was evading stupid government regulations. I'm pretty sure those things will be able to be comprehended by younger people for many decades to come.
    CB became popular in the 70s, especially among people who consumed a lot of vehicle fuel (like truckers) because it was a good way to share information about issues that became a big deal in the wake of the 1973 oil crisis: gas supplies at various service stations, how to evade efforts to enforce the 55mph law on highways and general official hassles related to making a living on the open road.

  12. Nehemiah:

    10-4 good buddy, see ya on the backside.

  13. MNHawk:

    Move to the midwest. Vacation in the mountains of the west. Drive across Iowa, Nebraska, and eastern Colorado at 55mph on wide open freeways.

    No further explanations will be needed.

  14. c_andrew:

    Well I gotta steal that! Attributions to Vikingvista???

  15. bigmaq1980:

    The closest equivalent today might be something like "flash mobs" coordinated via Twitter, Facebook.

    Started with dancing, but was probably instrumental in the looting we saw in Baltimore, just to pick one example.

  16. shrineme .:

    The TV show Movin'on was a hit, CB was the mobile phone of the day, we had a base station at home and CB's in our cars, by 1978' the fad was over. Convoy was directed by Sam Peckinpah of all people.

  17. The Whistler:

    What's not to understand about 70's trucker movie culture?