New Star Wars Teaser

Yes, hints from the first teaser are confirmed -- there does appear to be a second black guy in the Star Wars universe (third if you count the now decades deceased Mace Windu). Bonus points for the first media outlet that calls this man who lived "a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" an African-American. I always get a laugh when the media refers to a black man in Jamaica or Britain as South Africa as "African American".

Kidding aside, I presume the thing that will have geek nation atwitter is the use of the present rather than past tense when talking about Darth Vader.  Not to mention the fact that wookies apparently age much better than humans.


  1. Don:

    "I always get a laugh when the media refers to a black man in Jamaica or Britain as South Africa as "African American"."

    Political correctness unto absurdity.

    But I repeat myself.

  2. HenryBowman419:

    I knew a white man in the U.S. whose family had lived in South Africa for a few generations. He referred to himself as an "African-American', which of course he was.

  3. c_andrew:

    Yeah, the Olympic commentators on NBC were constantly doing that. 'African Americans' huh? So why is he running for Kenya???

  4. J_W_W:

    That Wookies have longer lifespans than humans has been well established in the canon. So, yeah, they'd age better.

    Oh, and this trailer is awesome.

  5. Bram:

    This will make what, a billion dollars by New Year's?

  6. Don:

    Yes, that's pretty common. If a good athlete doesn't make the cut for their home country, it appears to be common practice to shop around for another country to play for.

  7. MNHawk:

    He's aging especially well for someone caught on a planet when it blew up.

    Canon and all...

  8. Mercury:

    I predict that by May, 2016 Jennifer Aniston will have been dumped by R2D2.

  9. J_W_W:

    That's the old canon, not the new canon. ;-)

  10. donald:

    I personally would have thought that any articles that give an opinion on star wars would have generated the greatest response volume in the history of coyote. but yeah, apparently wookies age like fine wine. And everyone knows that at the end of Jedi that vader was sitting side by side with Yoda and Obi Wan. come on coyote. they live on through the force. as yoda told Obi Wan, qui-gon learned to retain consciousness after death. hence the present tense.

  11. donald:

    why isn't it American African or American whatever. for people that are US citizens of African descent, I would think the American part would come first. or do the descriptive parts come first. Like blueberry pancakes are definitely pancakes foremost, but with a few blueberries on top or inside. then again, is the person of African descent foremost an African that happens to be American? Or Jamaican African. how confusing.

  12. Alicia Smith:

    This Star Wars trailer is better than the first version. I cant wait to read more reviews about the new Star Wars film!