It's Hard to Find Partisan Blogs that Actually Try to Engage with the Opposition

I try really hard to read some partisan blogs from the Left and Right so I see what they are saying and don't wallow in some libertarian echo chamber.  I have read Kevin Drum on the Left for year because, while I often disagree with him, he is willing to engage with opposition arguments rather than just dismissing them as the rantings of racist cis-gendered Koch-funded, uh, whatevers.

Unfortunately his guest bloggers seem to be cut from a different cloth (by the way, best wishes to Drum who is struggles with some awful health issues).  Here is Max Sawicky today:

In this post from just last weekend, Kevin links to a bit from Tyler Cowen. That was your first mistake, Brother Drum. I realize linking is not endorsing, though KD offers a limited, tentative 'interesting possibility' type of approval. You see, the prolific and very smart Tyler hails from the zany economics department of George Mason University. No good can come from referencing him. These characters spend all their time excoriating Government and social protection for the working class from tenured, Koch-subsidized positions at a public university. Sweet.

This is unfortunately what substitutes for debate nowadays.  His conclusion seems to be "don't read people that disagree with me, read only folks who work off the same assumptions.  Stay in the echo chamber!"  This is exactly what I try to avoid, but the ubiquity of this sort of ad hominem argumentation is making it really hard.


  1. NL7:

    Tyler Cowen excoriates government and social protection? I find his views to be largely understated, moderated, idiosyncratic libertarianism. He'll say unconventional things, but his views and assumptions are more anchored to the mainstream - unlike say Don Boudreaux or Bryan Caplan.

  2. SamWah:

    The OTHER! The OTHER! Thou art now TAINTED with the DEMON SEED!

  3. Stan:

    I recommend the blog, Slate Star Codex. The author is a psychiatrist, who frequently discusses at length, politics and philosophy. Regardless of where you fall on the ideological spectrum, his writings come off as thoroughly sincere and fair to any side. He often does the opposite of straw-manning: "steel-manning" as he calls it, just to err on the side of intellectual honesty.

  4. Onlooker from Troy:

    Good grief, what a load of hysterical fallacious nonsense. It really is dispiriting to see this kind of crap in increasing amounts.

  5. Linda Williams:

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