Harrison Bergeron Meets My Little Pony

Brandon Morse wrote about the My Little Pony critique of Marxism and social justice warriors.  I couldn't really believe it, so I had to watch (or at least skim).  Check out the 25 minute mark for a taste.

And yes, I know Vonnegut intended Harrison Bergeron as a parody of the parodies of Marxist dystopias.  But it reads just fine straight up.  Or in particular, in the really well done short film version from several years ago called 2081.  If interested, skip the songs in the My Little Pony episode above and watch 2081 instead, it is barely 20 minutes long.


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  1. Clare Steen:

    "You can say that again." It's one of my favorite short stories of all time. I was 13 and a ballerina when I discovered my father's copy of Welcome to the Monkey House. It could not have come into my life at a better time. I have high hopes that this season of MLP could be to my preteen what "Harrison Bergeron" was to me at 13. Thank you for sharing.