Wherein I Come Clean to Representative Grijalva

Here is the letter I wrote today (pdf) to Representative Grijalva confessing my climate funding biases.  The image is below.  I feel so much better.


I wrote this in support particularly of Roger Pielke, who has educated a lot of people about climate and is not even really a climate skeptic and who has been pretty upset by this scrutiny.  Call it the "I am Spartacus" strategy.

My earlier post on funding and bias is here.


  1. Joe:

    Congressman Grijalva might forward this to the IRS. Expect an audit.

  2. Thomas Reid:

    Great letter!

  3. NielsZoo:

    Were I you, I would expect minions of the DoJ, DHS, IRS, DoE, NOAA, NASA, FBI, USSS, QWERTY and the rest to come knocking on your door... Stand Strong.

  4. Russell Cook:

    Great letter, and thanks for posting the link in my WUWT guest post comment section today. I've already posted my funding disclosures in several spots at my own blog, my favorite being the unmet challenge to Steyer's people to double whatever they think I'm "paid": http://gelbspanfiles.com/?p=1930

  5. TerraaGirl:

    OK, Warren, I have read your blog for a loonng time but resisted all opportunities to comment but this letter made me laugh out loud. We have a second home in Green Valley and are seriously contemplating moving from Apple Valley CA to our GV home. We are geologist and mining engineer so fit better in AZ than in CA (where I own my own mining consulting business). Thanks for helping to make our decision somewhat easier. Still laughing. do you think I need to disclose before relocating?



    It's a shame that the Thought Police is manifesting itself, the way it is, but, this is Obammy's USSA.

  7. Nimrod:

    You've got to realize that you're dealing with an organized de facto religion here. Trying to deal with these people using logic is like trying to tell Muslims that Mohammed was not a prophet, but just some guy making up lies about "Allah" so he could turn himself into an emperor.

    All we need is a study like this one http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/01/140117153635.htm to prove it. Perhaps there is one out there and I just haven't found it yet.

  8. Ralph Ellis:

    Regards your trip to Holland for the flower show, you would indeed miss the best colours - but not for the reason you suggest here. For the last few years, it has been so cold there have been no tulips whatsoever on the parade (late April). So they have made do with daffodils and hyacinths.


  9. BobSykes:

    What is particularly disturbing, and illuminating, in Pielke's case is that he is a warmist. They are attacking one of their own. Trotsky comes to mind.

  10. bigmaq1980:

    While humorous, the implications are rather disturbing - not unlike the discovery of IRS targeting.

    Expect the result of these government "investigations" to end up rationalizing some consequence for free speech on the internet (especially after "net neutrality" gets implemented).

  11. geran:

    More people need to stand up, as you did. Thanks!