This is the Problem With All Government "Fixes" for Supposed Market Failures

Bob Murphy on occupational licensing, via Cafe Hayek

It is a paradox of our age that the interventionists think the public is too stupid to consult Angie’s List before hiring a lawyer, and so they need politicians to weed out the really bad ones by requiring law licenses. Yet, who determines whether a person (often a lawyer!) is qualified to become a politician? Why, the same group of citizens who were too stupid to pick their own lawyers.


  1. mogden:

    Why credit interventionists with such good intentions, though ill-informed? It's far more likely that they simply realize that the route to political power is to dress up as if the public good was the first thing on their mind.

  2. bigmaq1980:

    Right...always circles back to the notion that the scope of government needs to be drastically reduced, as the power it wields attracts the wrong kinds of people for the wrong kinds of reasons.